Nora En Pure announces #POLYNESIA TOUR 2018

Nora En Pure has just announced a huge Winter Tour! Catch Nora En Pure at an upcoming show on her #Polynesia Tour
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Out Now: Where You Want Me At by Sons Of Maria

After a short touring break the SONS OF MARIA return with new music, and we couldn´t be happier to introduce you to WHERE YOU WANT ME AT.
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Out Now: The Weekend Starts Tonight by Croatia Squad

CROATIA SQUAD is known for dropping anthems that stand for the right to parteeee! And here we go with another proper club smasher celebrating the weekend. #TheWeekendStartsTonight
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Purified Podcast #100 - The Golden Edition

To celebrate the 100th episode of her Purified Radio Show, Nora En Pure invited listeners to request tracks for the special ´Golden Edition´. To listen to the stunning episode, head over to her SoundCloud now.
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EDX #8 Producer of the Year 2017

2017 was deinitely a tremendous great year for swiss-italian deep house artist EDX. 1001tracklists.com has just released their Top 101 Producer of the year list, with EDX being the highest mover in the Top 10 this year.
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Aérotique (Patrick Vorburger) is a young Swiss DJ, producer and remixer, who through initial classical piano and percussion training soon realised what fascinated him was the upcoming Berlin tech-house movement, which eventually led to his own active participation.

With solid groundwork and having honed his skills as a producer in his chosen home of Aarau, Patrick’s released his first ever EP (“Five Dollar Play”) in 2013 with the Anglo-Iberian label sinnmusik*. Five Dollar Play was a success as it landed in the Top 3 of the iTunes album charts and Top 100 of the Beatport Deep House charts. It was still 2013 when Patrick released a collaboration with the Berlin based producer Parra for Cuva. The song and also the EP got huge feedback from the electronic music scene in Berlin. In 2013 his track “Blue Lagoon“ was part of the German music contest called JuliensBlogContest and got more than 310k views on YouTube.

After two years and many different unreleased songs, Patrick decided to return to sinnmusik* with his EP called “The Cloud”. Another two years with various independently released songs followed. In 2016 Patrick and Aaron Taos decided to release their track called “All For You” which was aired by the Swiss national radio station SRF3. It was also 2016 when Patrick met Khalid on SoundCloud. They both liked each other’s music and decided to record a song together which was never finished. After meeting various other singers on SoundCloud, Patrick was ready to release his first ever album in 2017.

In 2018 Patrick has released various singles such as Not Coming Home, Ain’t Thinking About You and The Awakening on Casual Jam Records. Mr.Revillz supported different singles which all got more than 450k plays on YouTube. Later this year other singles such as Summer On You, Over and Always were released on BonFire Records. His remix for the Aarau based singer and songwriter Nick Mellow was a big success for both Nick Mellow and Aérotique. His latest single called “Drive” was the SRF3 song of the day and got airplay from different radio stations way before the release date.

As Patrick is an open-minded person with vivid inspiration, he doesn’t want to be pegged down to one style. His sound is the result of different genres that have influenced him throughout the years with a twist of his own quality and passion. As an attentive listener, you will hear many different influences from Techno to traditional African music.